Know Everything about Chris Evan’s Wife Alba Baptista

Chris Evans is now officially married to Alba Baptista. Captain America has married his girlfriend Alba this weekend in an intimate ceremony in Massachusetts at their Boston-area home.

The insider secret reveals that nuptials were “locked down tight, guests had to sign NDA and phones were fortified.

Chris Evans and Alba only invited close relatives and friends to the ceremony. The guest list includes personalities like Robert Downey Jr. Chris Hemsworth and Jeremy Renner.

The rumor of their relationship has been leaked first in November 2022.  Sources have said that the couples have been dating each other for over 1 year.

Evans left some flirty comments about Baptista on Instagram around the same time.

Who is Alba Baptista?

chris evans alba baptitsta marriage

Alba was born in Lisbon and lives in Portugal. She is well-known for her role in Netflix’s ‘Warrior Nun’, as Ava Silva.

The 26-years-old Portuguese model already worked in a few Portuguese movies and TV shows. An Impostora, Filha da Lei, A Criação, and Jogo Duplo are some of her works.

Besides acting, she is also involved in charity work. In 2018, she was associated with an orphanage in Cambodia focusing on education. She is fluent in five languages, Spanish, French, German, English, and her native Portuguese.

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