Taylor Swift was Spotted Again in Kansas City Chief’s Game with Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman

The rumors of the relationship between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce made headlines when Taylor Swift went to attend a Kansas City Cheif’s game last week in support of Travis. She was shouting and encouraging Travis during the game and sitting with Travis’ mom Donna Kelce.

This week, Swift attended another game of Cheifs but this time she was not alone. On Sunday the ‘Midnights’ singer was spotted at the MetLife Stadium along with a number of other celebrities such as Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman. 

Taylor Swift was present there to attend Sunday night’s game between the Chiefs and the New York Jets. She was accompanied by personalities like Jackman, Reynolds, Black Lively, Shawn Levi, and Queer Eye star Antoni Porowksi.In addition, Sabrina Carpenter and Marvel star Paul Rudd were also present there.

It is just one week since Swift first attended a Kansas City Chiefs game against the Chicago Bears. It could be a reason that the celebrities went there because the match was held in New York. Swift is a very close friend of Blake Lively and her husband Ryan Reynolds is linked with Hugh Jackman for Deadpool 3. 

The rumor of a potential relationship between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce was fueled when Swift was seen during a Chiefs match last week. Yesterday Swift was spotted with Brittany Mahomes who is the wife of Kansas City Chief’s quarterback Patrick Mahomes in a dinner party. The growing relationship between Taylor and Brittany also gives a hint that Swift and Kelce are getting closer.

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