Vuelve a Mi (Come Back to Me): How Good Is It? A Synopsis 

The long-awaited premiere of Vuelve a Mi (Come Back to Me) has been released as the gossip about the relationship between William Levy and Samadhi Zendejas is floating in the town. The two actors will share the screen in a romantic series which is based on their unconditional love.

Telemundo production which is based in Miami has produced the series and premiered on October 9. The best way to watch the show is to tune into the Telemundo signal in the United States at 9 pm/8c.

Storyline of Vuelve a Mi (Come Back to Me):

Vuelve a Mi focuses on the life of Nuria (Samadhi Zendejas), a woman with limited resources who falls in love with Braulio (Ferdinando Valencia) without knowing that Braulio is one of the owners of the company where Nuria works. 

The twist comes when Nuria’s son Andres (Andre Sebastian) is kidnapped. This leads to a clash in emotions and their life becomes upside down as the love of the mother for her son climbs to the mountain. 

In such a situation, Santiago (William Levy) arrives on the screen to help Nuria. He helped Nuria to fight back and find out where is her son Andres. Santiago didn’t only become the pillar of Nuria’s life but also he proved himself as a supportive partner to Nuria. Santiago became the love of Nuria’s obstacleful life.

Vuelve a Mi or Come Back to Me is one of the most anticipated series in the world. It is expected that the series will consist of 95 episodes full of suspense and emotional rollercoaster. 

Are William Levy and Samadhi Zendejas a couple?

It is the first time William Levy and Samadhi Zendejas are working together on a small screen. But the duo first met in 2021 on a Spanish channel which was full of emotions and tears. The rumor is strong and there are many occasions we have seen the couple together.

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