Is “Buying Back My Daughter” Based on Real Life Incident? What Happened After Kubiiki’s Daughter Was Rescued?

Buying Back My Daughter is an incredible story released on October 7 in Lifetime. It depicts the true story of a mother desperate to find her daughter after she vanished. 

Meagan Good played the role of Dana (mother) and Roger Cross portrayed Curtis (father). Faith Wright played their daughter’s role Alicia, who is a 16-year-old girl. After Alicia returned home from a party, she was kidnapped by an unsuspecting woman.

How Was Alice Kidnapped?

You might think this is a well-written story for a film but unfortunately, it is a real-life incident. The story is based on the true story of Kubiiki Pride and her daughter. Kubiiki’s daughter was targeted by female traffickers who brought her into the world of darkness. Kubiiki’s daughter was offered a ride while returning from a school party.

In order to sell her, the kidnappers posted her pictures 9 months later on a website named “Backpage”.

buying back my daughter kubiiki pride

The name of her daughter is not disclosed but in the movie, Alicia is her name. Alicia is a 16-year-old girl but in reality, she was 13 years old when she was kidnapped.  Kubiiki said in an interview with The Sun, it took 9 long months to find their daughter. Kubiiki and her husband both used Backpage. In the escort section, they found their little girl. However, Kubiiki contacted the police but she decided to call the kidnappers and book an appointment. 

How was Kubiiki’s daughter’s life after being rescued?

After one year of her kidnapping, her daughter returned to Kubiiki. When her daughter stepped off the train, she fell down on the ground and started to cry. Her daughter lost a lot of weight during this time.  Her head was shaved off, bruises were all over her body, and after repeatedly being raped, she was addicted to drugs. 

Kubiiki took her daughter to the hospital to overcome the trauma. It was very difficult for her daughter to overcome. She even tried to run away multiple times. Kubiiki said that her daughter slept at odd times as the nightmare haunted her at night. 

The family sued Backpage for keeping their daughter’s photo live even after she was rescued. In the end, the website was found innocent as the users who posted the pictures were only liable for the content.

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