Does ‘Our Flag Means Death’ Season 2 Make You Laugh or Emotional?

Season 2 of Our Flag Means Death indicates that Ed is tired of false hope which makes him believe that things are getting better. But when he and Stede understood that this hope was nothing but an illusion, Ed became very upset and started to destroy everything from himself to his every friendship that could bring him out of the darkness.

However, it is a comedy show but the sadness of Ed and his wish to die definitely makes anyone emotional. Even though we are not pirates we can easily involved with the characters emotionally. Sometimes, you’ll ask yourself why you get so much pain and why you are here to suffer the pain when you already know the situation only will give you pain. 

Sometimes this pain transforms us into a demon who wants to destroy ourselves as well as others just to show them what the pain tastes like. When you see Ed in such a situation, drowning in darkness and not accepting the helping hands who really want to take him out of the situation, will make you think about the philosophy of life. 

It is confirmed that only Stede cannot take him out of the problem. It should be the inner strength of Ed which can rescue him from the depression and show his worth. Ed is definitely one of the strongest and most important characters in the show. People who know Ed will not turn their head just because Ed corner himself just because he is upset. I hope the return of Stede will help the crew members communicate with Ed more effectively and show his value to the crew members.

For the rest of the crew, Stede is still living in a fantasy world where he and Ed are very focused on getting him back. But the return of Lucius has snapped him out and now his focus shifted to ensure that Lucius didn’t make the same mistakes with Ed that Stede did. 

Despite experiencing a lot of heartache and loss that could break anyone, Jim is still finding a light. However, they were living a life where they chopped someone’s leg or cared for someone, and Jim decided not to go through a battle to death. Instead, Jim preferred to share moments where they leaned on each other as the epitome of love and care.

It is a little bit sad that Jim was no longer with Oluwande. Oluwande was thriving and trying to prove himself as a great person as he closely bonded with the pirate queen.

Our Flag Means Death season 2 also shares many hilarious moments. One such scene is when Roach is in love with the flavor profile of the dish that they tasted on the Pirate Queen’s ship. Even the long-awaited reunion of Black Pete and Lucius will make you smile instead of crying. The touches of humor were blended perfectly to balance the flavor of the show. After all, it is all about the real essence of life.

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