Is Omar Sy the Only Reason for Watching Lupin Season 3 on Netflix?

It is very well known that the Lupin series is one of the most stylish series you can find on Netflix. Now Netflix is back with Lupin Season 3, full of excitement and thrill.

The series is not exceptionally unique, but it confirmed that a cool and thrilling storyline will go that will force you to buy some extra popcorn. Omar Sy, the 45-year-old French actor is the center of attraction of the show. His cool, slick, funny, and sometimes arrogant behavior will definitely remind you of James Bond 007.

How Good is Lupin Season 3?

Lupin is definitely one of the most underrated dark horse series Netflix could produce. Since its inception in 2021, Lupin always delivered the pace and clever exposition on Omar Sy or Assane Diop’s heist which is mixed with comedy and yearning romance with Ludivine Sagnier to give the viewers an undeniable and addictive binge.

Right from the beginning, the French series is quite successful in keeping the viewers on the edge of their seats ahead of the following episodes. The new season is also successful in proving Assane Diop as the next James Bond 007.

Before watching season 3, you must have an idea about the previous seasons. In the season 3, Omar became the most hunted fugitive in France. He prepared an audacious plan to escape from the shadows and meet his ex-wife Claire (Ludivine Sagnier) and son Raoul (Etan Simon). Omar decided to execute one final and high-profile heist just to ensure a fresh start for his family overseas. 

As the story goes on, a dozen secrets start to reveal. Finally, Omar didn’t succeed and ended up behind the bars. It means Omar couldn’t rejoin his wife and son to start a fresh chapter of their life. 

The return of Pelegrinni indicates that there should be a season 4 to answer all the questions about Assanne’s tricks and ways to end all the conflict between Assanne and Pelegrinni. Despite brilliant storytelling and execution, the series leaves some questionable moments and actions which we might get answers to in the next season.

Is there any chance for Lupin Season 4?

Lupin Season 3 mostly received positive reviews from the critics as well as fans. Now fans are demanding more from the Lupin series. Maybe Omar’s personality or his tricks, whatever it is, fans just love to watch the episodes repeatedly. Omar ending up behind bars couldn’t give the series a happy ending. Thus it is very important for Netflix to conclude the war between Assanne and Pelegrinni and direct the series towards a peaceful ending.

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