Is ‘Everything Now’ on Netflix One of The Best Teenage Drama?

Everything Now on Netflix is probably one of the complete web series that will make you laugh, emotional, and cringe at the same time but will also force you to switch to the next episode. So buy your extra popcorn accordingly. 

Like other teen dramas, the characters of Everything Now are very relatable and you’ll love to spend your time with them despite their misbehaving or making terrible mistakes. 

About ‘Everything Now’:

The story revolves around Mia Polanco (Sophie Wilde), a 16-year-old girl who is stuck with her own personal problems. She was introduced in the series while returning from a clinic after recovering from an eating disorder that almost killed her. 

Mia’s world was stopped for months as she was fully focused on healing her mind and body. On the contrary, her friends’ lives were normal and continued. Thus, it was really hard for Mia to rejoin her friends as she hoped. Meanwhile, relationships were forged and her friends were addicted to drugs, making it harder for Mia to rejoin her friends. In short, Mia’s life was left behind by her friends and she was desperate to catch them in full. She decided to try everything that her friends experienced and that is all about ‘Everything Now’.

Mia enters a journey that involves her first drugs, alcohol, kisses, and partying. Above all, she wants to be a normal girl who is not worried about eating disorders. But this attempt backfired as one day everything went too much and her anorexia again took control of her life. 

Mia’s path to recovery consists of her first love, sex, drinking, vomiting, and partying- everything is emotionally raw, brutal, and ugly. The show is very sympathetic to her parents and family. The makers executed very well how the family and friends were impacted by her disease. Of course, Mia has a loyal friends circle who support her in her ups and downs.

There is no shortage of teenage drama in the market but ‘Everything Now’ has made its own impact within the audience. The drama, suffering, and personal exploration by Mia not only made the show interesting but also made the audience sympathetic to her. It is a worth-watching series if you like teen drama.

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