The Ending of Lupin Season 3 Paves the Way for Lupin Season 4

Reaching the final Episode of Lupin Season 3, we find plenty of moving parts with an ending that will have the audience wanting more. But many fans are also curious about the ending of season 3 because it is a delusional ending as well. Let’s discuss it in brief:

Lupin 3 begins with the sequences from where Lupin 2 ends. Assanne tried to convince his ex-wife Claire (Ludivine Sagnier) and son Raoul to run away with him but Claire denied it. Gradually Assanne became the most wanted man in France, and it prevented him from rejoining his family.

 As a result, Assanne pretended his fake death to escape the shadow and steal the Black pearl. Meanwhile, someone contacted Assanne that his mother was hostage to him, and to ensure her safety, Assanne needed to complete some heist for that stranger.

The identity of the stranger is revealed in a flashback. A long time ago Assanne and his friend Bruno were working for a man named Jean-Luc Keller who assigned them work to rob a jewelry shop. Jean fell to the police and got arrested for the robbery. Later, he plans to take revenge with the help of his girlfriend Manon.

Assanne manages to trick Manon and use her against Jean. Assanne gave the Black Pearl to Jean inside in a rose and helped Lieutenant Sofia Belkacem to arrest him. Instead of running away, Assanne surrenders him to the police. Simply, an ending cannot be as dramatic as Lupin 3. 

The return of Pelegrinni will pave the way for part 4. However, Netflix has not confirmed part 4 but according to Radio Times, the writer George Kay said, the show was designed for running over a long period of time. So, we can expect that Lupin Season 4 is on the way.

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