Is “John Carpenter’s Suburban Scream” Based on Actual Spooky Events?

The creator of “The Thing” and “Halloween”, John Carpenter is back with another spooky masterpiece just before Halloween, “John Carpenter’s Suburban Scream”. Released on Friday 13, the documentary series is Carpenter’s first six-episode live-action narrative. 

What is Suburban Scream?

“Suburban Scream” refers to those spooky incidents that occurred in suburban, seemingly quiet, comfortable places where everyone feels safe; in reality, it is far from the truth. Every episode of the new series is based on real-life events from violent acts to purportedly paranormal activities that are yet to be scientifically discovered. 

In every episode, the makers introduce us to a new suburban nightmare that could be ghosts, killers, or stalkers. The truth will unfold through a blend of real-life live-action re-enactments by actors with a touch of real testimony from the people who lived the stories. First, you’ll experience nightmares from the recreation by the actors and then you’ll hear the story from the real people who faced it. You may have seen this type of true crime series before but Carpenter has introduced a horror touch to it.

How to watch “John Carpenter’s Suburban Scream”?

You can simply find it in Peacock from October 13. The best thing is you don’t need to wait for weekends to watch the next episode. All six episodes of season 1 are available on Peacock TV from the first day.

Will there be a second season?

According to Sandy King Carpenter, there are plenty of stories yet to tell the audience. Hence it is easy to guess John and Sandy Carpenter will be back with season 2 sooner or later.

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