“Lessons in Chemistry” is Less About Chemistry and More About Struggling for Rights

Bonnie Garmus’ best-selling novel “Lessons in Chemistry” is now available in an eight-episode series on Apple TV+. Bonnie’s best-selling novel in 2022 by the same name follows the story of a woman, Elizabeth Zott on a journey to find her way in a male-dominating world where women are continuously underestimated. 

Storylines of “Lessons in Chemistry”:

Academy Award winner Brie Larson, who played the role of Elizabeth finely balances the roles of her impervious exterior with the unexpected turns of her life and career. Before beginning her work as a junior chemist in an all-male lab, Elizabeth was a host of a popular 1960s cooking program. 

Her life took a turn when she met Calvin Evans (Lewis Pullman), a well-known but very misunderstood  Nobel Prize nominee, and his neighbor Harriet (Aja Naomi King), a black mother who is fighting to save her neighborhood from the grip of a construction company. 

One of the best moments comes in the third episode when the narrator speaks from a dog’s point of view (voiced by B.J. Novak). It may sound funny but actually, the scene was shot with perfection to show its self-doubt and grief. If any scene makes you emotional during the series, it is that scene. 

What message does the series want to convey?

Harriet becomes the voice of all “Black Americans” in the movie. The series shows what the black Americans were experiencing at that time through Harriet’s struggle against a private company. The show perfectly compares the struggle of “White” Elizabeth who is fighting to be taken seriously in her career whereas black Americans like Harriet are struggling just to be heard. At the end of the day, skin color doesn’t matter, you have to raise your voice to get what you deserve.

“Lessons in Chemistry” is a must-watch series not only for women but also for someone who has to work harder for his/her credibility and someone who gets frustrated when his/her first choice doesn’t work out.

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