“Slayers: The Buffyverse Story”: Is the Return Successful?

However, the last “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” was released almost 25 years ago, the franchise kept itself alive by the continuation of comics, novels, and rumors of planned reboots. Despite the allegations against the series creator Joss Whedon, “Slayers: The Buffyverse Story” has arrived in the arena. 

The latest installment of the Buffy universe solely aims to reunite key cast members and series creator Joss Whedon has no to little role in this. However, “Slayers” often will remind you of Joss, which is intermittently charming and hard to overcome the toxic past influence.

The story is based on incidents happening 12 years after Buffy Summers inculcates all potential slayers with their full power. The new series is mostly focused on canons but the creators used a nifty multiverse plot to bring the old beloved characters in a new avatar.

Returns of the Characters:

In the first three episodes, we have seen returns of characters like bad boy vamp Spike, Clem, and Giles just like Drussila, Anya, witch Tara, and Cordelia. The return of Cordelia is very satisfying as her contract was wrongly terminated by Joss Whedon due to workplace miscommunication.

Review of the “Slayers: The Buffyverse Story”:

The series is co-written by Amber Benson and Christopher Golden. The action starts when an alternate version of Cordelia (this one is a slayer) seeks out the main timeline of Spikes, who is babysitting a young and new slayer, Indira.

The storyline of the series is very engrossing and it is written with a focus on the returns of the previous characters. The limited cast of the series makes us feel that the story is oddly stitched at times. But the good part is the new series also gives the vibe of the originals. 

“Slayers: The Buffyverse Story” also focuses on the “bad guys” in the society. Spikes also shared his opinion in the commentary about the role of the bad guys in society. When the other members comment on their own trauma and personal bad experiences, you’ll feel the series is working in a different direction than you expected which is beyond the boundaries of fiction.

Slayers:: A Buffyverse Story is now available exclusively on Audible.

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