“Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour” is Released: Can You Sing or Dance in the Theater?

Finally Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour concert film made its world premiere on October 12. The movie is especially for those Swifties who missed her Eras tour physically. This movie gives everyone the opportunity to capture every special moment of Taylor Swift’s Eras tour in the nearest movie theater.

At the AMC Grove 14, in Los Angeles, around 2000 people including celebrities like Adam Sandler and Maren Morris filled every seat in the theater. The complex was closed for a day to organize things for Swifties. 

Taylor Swift was also present in a theater to communicate with fans. She thanked the fans and revealed how much fun she had on her Eras tour. She praised her backup singers, and dancers and told the fans, “You are the main characters in this film. You cared so much about these shows.”

How does the “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour” movie different from the actual tour?

You can experience Taylor Swift’s six-month-long Eras tour in just three hours. Each show in Eras Tour is mostly 3.5-4 hours long. So, you can imagine, you can experience the whole glimpse of the tour in the nearest theater in a shorter duration than her original show-time duration. 

Her  Eras tour offers a set of 45 songs including the recently added “Long Live”. But songs like “The Archer,” “No Body, No Crime,” “Long Live,” “Illicit Affairs,” “Cardigan” and “Wildest Dreams” didn’t make a cut in the movie.

What are some highlights from the movie?

If you are watching the film in the theater, it offers a front-row seat to the grandeur. The staging was so massive that the best seats could also provide little detail. 

On the big screen, the closer-ups look so perfect. From Taylor’s cat-eye makeup, and crystall blue eyes to the sweat sticking to her bangs during “Champagne Problems”, everything was shot with perfection. “Look What You Made Me Do” and “Blank Space” are two songs you’ll love to hear in the movie. Taylor’s uncanny ability to find the camera with her coy wink is really praiseworthy.

Are the fans able to sing and dance in the theater?

Hard to answer as every theater has its own rules. The real motive of the film is to give the real-life experience to the fans in a theater. So, it is obvious that fans will be encouraged to enjoy in the theater and the administration probably willn’t stop you.

At the premiere, fans were crazy for Taylor Swift. They started to sing it loud and dance while the premier. It was like the whole theater was shaking due to the vibration. The initiative is unique and fans were the main focus of the film and the movie was successful in doing so.

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