“Last One Standing Season 2” is Now Available on Netflix but Should You Watch It?

“Last One Standing” is a Japanese comedy show that premiered in 2022 where a group of comedians compete against each other in a series of comedic battles. The comedians must use their wits and sense of humor to survive in the competition. Finally, the one who will entertain the best will be crowned as the “Last One Standing”.

The show is directed by Hayato Kawai. Many popular actors and celebrities appeared in the show such as Takuya Kimura, Masami Nagasawa, Ken Watanabe, and many more to join the talk battles with the cast members. Some of them are allies whereas some of them are enemies. 

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Storylines of the “Last One Standing Season 2”:

Episode one begins with all the cast members playing the roles of doctors, staff, and patients in the hospital. They have to tell each other jokes, perform funny actions, and make laugh one another. 

In the second episode, Kaiju terrorizes the hospital of comedians with some truth bombs that the contestants never wanted to expose.

Episode 3 shows the comedians cracking jokes and realizing the mystery of the virus spreader is being worked on. In Episode 4 they were relocated to a new destination where they shared their painful past experiences.

In the fifth episode, the cast was joined by some new faces along with the popular comedy duo Unjash and they shared their stories of their screwups. 

In Episode 6, Ahn Mika read all the complaints and negative feedback after she was captured. It was just hilarious. 

In the seventh episode, we see the contenders face huge difficulties due to clone programs. 

In the final episode of Last One Standing season 2, the contenders crack jokes to divert their attention from the dire circumstances.

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How good is season 2?

The dramatic parts of season 2 are funny and commendable. Every contestant has played his/her role perfectly. It is more impressive that they all tried to make the situation really believable.

The budget and makeup help the show to be more realistic. One of the best things about the contestants is they often break their characters just like best friends are trying to keep it up together and help each other to perform better.

One of the negative comments about the show could be that season 2 often diverts from the scripted stories which destroyed all the legitimate tensions and thrills that it generated. The jokes are not well-translated, hence people who don’t understand Japanese may not find the show funny.

Last One Standing Season 2 is now available on Netflix

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