Brad Pitt vs Angelina Jolie: Who is Richer?

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie or Brangelina, are probably the most iconic duo in the history of Hollywood. After their relationship fell apart, fans were more curious to compare the two celebrities. Let’s take a look between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who is wealthier.

Net Worth of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in 2023:

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are not only popular but also two of the wealthiest personalities in Hollywood. 

Brad Pitt:

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Brad Pitt’s net worth is more than $400 million in 2023. Of course, Brad Pitt is among the highest-paid actors in Hollywood. He earns approximately $20 million for each major motion picture. Pitt’s upcoming project with Apple TV movie about Formula One, he’ll earn his career highest $30 million. 

What are the sources of Brad Pitt’s income?

The 59-year-old “Fight Club” actor generates most of his revenue from his acting career. Since 1991, he starred in approximately 50 movies and several TV shows throughout his career. “Seven”, “Fight Club”, “Troy”, “World War Z” and “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” are a few of his highest-grossing movies at the box office.

Brad Pitt net worth assets car collection

Brad Pitt started his own production company “Plan B Entertainment” with his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston in 2001. After their divorce in 2005, Brad Pitt became its only owner. Three Movies of Brad Pitt went to win oscar:

  1. The Departed
  2. Moonlight
  3. 12 Years a Slave

Brad Pitt had a few endorsements with several brands including Brioni, Chanel, and Cadillac. Brad also had a deal of $3 million with a Chinese car company back in 2013. Moneyball alum also offered him $4.5 million for a Heineken Super Bowl ad in 2005.


Brad Pitt owns an impressive portfolio of real estate around the world which is worth more than $100 million. In 2008, Brangelina spent an impressive $67 million on a 1,200-acre winery in the south of France called Chateau Miraval.

Car Collection:

Brad Pitt has an impressive $3.1 million dollar car collection. Brad is fond of cars. He owns some expensive brands like  Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Lexus, Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz, and Tesla.

Angelina Jolie:

The 48-year-old American actress, filmmaker, philanthropist, and humanitarian has a net worth of $120 million. Angelina is among the highest-paid personalities in Hollywood. She charges around $20-30 for each role. Angelina has an ample amount of wealth which is locked in various trusts and investments. Between August 2017 and 18, Angelina earned $28 million from salary and endorsements and became the second highest-paid actress in the world.

angelina jolie net worth assets


According to Celebrity Net Worth, Angelina earned over $120 million from movie salaries alone. Here is a list below of her salaries:

Lara Croft (1st)$7 million
Lara Croft (2nd)$12 million
Mr & Mrs Smith, The Good Shepherd and A Mighty Heart$10 million
Wanted$15 million
Salt$20 million
The Tourist$19 million


In June 2017, Angelina Jolie paid a huge $24.5 million for a property in LA’s Los Feliz neighborhood. You’ll be surprised to know the amount was almost double what a property is worth in that neighborhood.

Hence, it is now clear that Brad Pitt is richer than Angelina Jolie and during their divorce battle in 2018, Jolie demanded financial support from Brad Pitt. According to court records, Brad Pitt gave a down payment of $8 million for the $25 million Cecil B. Demille mansion, because she did not have the funds herself.

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