Kayla Nicole Unfollowed Brittany and Patrick Mahomes but Rick Ross Parks His Car on Kayla’s Instagram Comments

Sports journalist and model Kayla Nicole has been in the news since her ex-boyfriend Travis Kelce has been dating Taylor Swift. Swift is now almost a regular visitor of Cheif’s games, including the defeat against the New York Giants on Sunday, Oct. 1.

However, Travis and Kayla are not a couple anymore but it seems Rick Ross has found his new love interest in Kayla.

Travis and Kayla have been dating each other for five years and in 2022, their relationship has come to an end. Ross has seemingly gained an interest in the model which can be reflected by the comment in Kayla’s Instagram post. 

Nicole posted a few of her bikini pictures with a wide-brimmed hat and captioned “Summers mine” while vacationing in Mexico back in July. However, just a few weeks back Ross commented on the months-old picture, “Your future bright”.

As soon as his comment went viral, fans started to assume that the 47-year-old American rapper was trying to shoot his shot at the sports journalist. A few fans also claimed that Ross is trying to comfy her as Kayla’s ex-boyfriend is having affairs with Taylor Swift. 

It is not something new for Kayla to get proposals from Instagram posts. In fact, Kayla and Travis first met through an Instagram post, according to People

During his January episode of The Pivot Podcast, Travis revealed that they are no longer a couple. As the rumors of Travis and Taylor’s relationship got some attention, many critics started to claim that the NFL star had cheated on Kayla. 

As the friendship of Taylor Swift with Brittany and Patrick Mahomes continues to grow, there seems to be a new tension between Kayla and Swift. Patrick is a teammate of Travis Kelce and Brittany is his beautiful wife. As a result of the growing friendship between Brittany and Taylor, Kayla has unfollowed both Brittany and Patrick Mahomes on Instagram as of Sunday. 

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