Is Lifetime’s Latest “Bad Romance: The Vicky White Story” Based on True Event?

Lifetime’s latest movie “Bad Romance: The Vicky White Story” is based on a very disturbing real-life story. The movie is based on the real story of Vicky White and Casey White on escaping from the Lauderdale County Jail. 

Wendi McLendon-Covey and Rossif Sutherland portrayed the roles of Vicky White and Casey White respectively. The movie reminds me of the story of “Escape at Dannemora” where a prison employee helped a prisoner to escape. But “Bad Romance” is based on a true story, so the storylines are different.

Story Review of “Bad Romance: The Vicky White Story”:

Vicky White works in a detention trial which provides a holding facility for prisoners waiting for trials. She is well-loved and respected by her colleagues but nothing interesting was present in her life.

Things changed when a prisoner named Casey White, who had attempted or committed every possible crime, was transferred to her detention center. Vicky felt a kind of attraction to Casey and started to flirt with him. Vicky gave him extra attention because she believed that Casey was the only person in the world to see her the way she wanted to be seen.  

real vicky and casey white bad romance
Real Vicky White (left) and Casey White (right)

The romance started when Vicky assumed that Casey tried to flirt with her just because she was the only female in the detention center. But when she realized that Casey had genuine feelings for her, she started to become serious about Casey. Casey used to give her compliments and say nice things about her which gave her motivation.

When Casey was sent to maximum security prison, Vicky started to pursue him without worrying about her colleagues. She regularly sent Casey letters, and pictures and was involved in phone sex. 

When Casey lost an appeal on his sentence, he devised a plan to confess and accept a murder he had committed. Thus, Casey would get another opportunity for the trial and would be shifted to Vicky’s facility again. 

When Casey was shifted to Vicky’s facility center, Vicky’s ex-partner Tommy died. Vicky sold her house, gave notice to her job, and came up with a decisive plan to bust Casey out during a routine transport to the court. Vicky managed to flee with Casey but their luck ran out and they were spotted by police. Vicky committed suicide and Casey was arrested and went to the detention center again.

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