Why is Lionel Messi Called ‘La Pulga’ or ‘The Flea’? 3 Possible Reasons

Lionel Andres Messi, the 36-year-old Argentine is definitely one of the greatest footballers in history who has accomplished all possible achievements in his career. The way he glides and gets past the defenders by dribbling is something the world will definitely miss if the Argentine GOAT retires from football.

“Lionel Messi has conquered his final peak. Lionel Messi has shaken hands with paradise. The little boy from Rosario, Santa Fe, has just pitched up in heaven. He climbs into a galaxy of his own”- the commentary of Peter Drury describes the greatness of the player who sacrificed his life only for football.

Due to his unique style of game and magical performance on the ground, Messi is also known as ‘The Little Maestro’, ‘The Magician’. Messi is also known as ‘Messiah’ as he saved the Barcelona and Argentina football teams at the hours of need.

But the lesser known nickname of Lionel Messi is ‘La Pulga’ or ‘The Flea’. Only his young teammates and brothers used to call him by that name. But why do they call Lionel Messi ‘La Pulga’? Let’s find out.

3 Reasons why Lionel Messi is called ‘La Pulga’ or ‘The Flea’?

lionel messi la pulga the flea

What do you mean by ‘La Pulga’?

‘La Pulga’ means ‘Atomic Flea’. In Catalan or Spanish language, ‘La Pulga’ describes someone who is small in size but exceptionally talented.

Why Messi is called ‘La Pulga’?

Short Height:

At the youth level, Lionel Messi used to be the smallest guy to represent the team. Compared to other teammates, he looked very small, just like a ‘Flea’. Sometimes, he used to play opponents who were almost double in size but Messi managed to easily beat the players due to his small size and quick movements.

Unique Playing Style:

The playing style of Messi also suits the nickname as he moves faster than bigger opponents due to his smaller size and low center of gravity. The way a Flea bounces off of objects when it moves, similarly, Messi used to bounce off of opponents and pull away challenges from defenders. 

The Brothers of Lionel Messi:

As Lionel Messi was the smallest member of the house, his brothers used to mock him by saying ‘La Pulgita’. You should know that, at the age of 11 Lionel Messi was diagnosed with Growth Hormone Disorder (GHD), a rare disease in which the body doesn’t grow enough compared to the age. But these obstacles couldn’t stop him from becoming the Greatest of All Time (GOAT).

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