Kristen Stewart’s “Living for the Dead” is the First of its Kind Horror Series

Hulu’s new horror series “Living for the Dead” is now available from October 18, in which five LGBTQ+ ghost hunters, having unique talents, travel the country to investigate paranormal activities. According to the official synopsis, the show will explore some of the world’s most infamous haunted locations and shed light on them.

How did the idea come?

The producer, Rob Eric revealed that Kristen Stewart called and wanted to meet him for the project. According to Rob, it was a very interesting idea as the community sees things differently than other communities. Rob’s team met Kristen and came up with a new format for the show. They added ghost hunters like Alex Le May, Juju Bae, Ken Boggle, Logan Taylor, and Roz Hernandez, who each have paranormal specialties to the cast.

About the ghost hunters of the “Living for the Dead”:

Medium and tarot card specialist Ken Boggle’s horrified experience at The Clown Motel in Nevada will feature in one of the episodes. Ken said, he and his teammates were afraid of clowns and in the Motel they blindfolded Ken in a room of clowns in the dark. 

living for the dead

Juju Bae also shared her experience while investigating an event in Arizona. She spoke about her intuitive strengths which she developed in her adulthood. While filming in Arizona, the spirit scratched her neck to her chest when while sleeping.

Logan Taylor, who is the “psychic of the group” also shared his encounter with the ghost. Logan claimed that he can feel and hear when a ghost is close to him. There were many moments when the ghost tried to pull Logan’s hair.

Roz Hernandez claimed herself as “the luckiest fan of these shows”.  She became ghost-obsessed since their horror comedy podcast “Ghosted” received success. Roz is excited to try some real-life ghost adventures with the team.

Alex Le May, the paranormal investigator shared her most scary moments when she crawled into where they kept the bodies in a morgue by herself. Alex also claimed that she had some lovely conversation with a malevolent spirit. She advised people who are skeptical about the existence of ghosts to spend a night at The Clown Motel and stay in room 111.

Source: CNN

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