Mohammed Shami’s mother was hospitalized during the final: reports are normal now

Mohammed Shami’s mother, Anum Ara was taken to the hospital near Sahashpur village in the Amroha district of Uttar Pradesh as she felt ill during India vs. Australia final on Sunday. (Source: Times of India)

What Happened?

As per the report, she felt nervous and fever during the game and Shami’s relatives took her to a local hospital for a primary check-up. Later she was shifted to another health centre after the initial treatment and now it is reported that her condition is stable.  Shami’s cousin, Dr. Mumtaz informed the Times of India about her health updates.

Mohammed Shami’s performance in the World Cup:

Mohammed Shami ended the World Cup campaign as the highest wicket-taker but unfortunately fell short of lifting the cup. Shami took 24 wickets in 7 appearances with an impressive average of 10.71. He took 4 wickets once and 5 wickets thrice in the tournament. Shami only bowled 48.5 overs in the tournament. His best figure 7/57 was against South Africa on the group stage. 

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