Fans Will be Able to Explore Thousands of Planets in GTA-VI: Confirmed

However, the details of the long-awaited Grand Theft Auto VI have remained secret, Rockstar Games announced that the upcoming sequel will have thousands of planets that you will be able to visit.

Dan Houser, an executive producer of Grand Theft Auto VI, has claimed that they won’t be outdone by any game including Starfield. Dan revealed that these thousands of planets were not a part of their initial plans. But when he learned about Starfield’s project he called all of his employees in a Zoom meeting and declared that they also have to do the same ‘Planet’ things. 

It is understandable that this is the reason why Grand Theft Auto 6 is taking a long time to release. Dan asked the fans to wait for the game because they promised the gamers to provide thousands of planets in a single game. Of course, this project will need a significant amount of time as it is not an easy project.

But seems many fans just cannot wait for the game anymore. Many fans doubt that the space exploration project by GTA-VI will push the game to release in 2030. On the contrary, many fans are excited after hearing the news of thousands of planets. They think that it’ll be worth waiting for the game as the fans love to explore the big open world.

GTA-VI developers might be in stress as it was not a part of the initial plans. But it is understandable that if they need to compete with open-world games like Starfield, they need to put effort into modernizing the game according to fans’ interests. 

Melanie Turner, a programmer of the game revealed that Rockstar Games didn’t inform them how the players get into the planet, or how the ‘planets’ will incorporate into the storylines that she has been working on for years. She claimed that Rockstar authorities only sent her some Starfield TikToks one night and wrote ‘We do 2?’ in the email. 

As of now, Uranus is the only planet that is confirmed by Rockstar Games. Hopefully, very soon you’ll receive more good news about GTA-VI.

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