Smash Mouth Singer Steve Harwell Dies at 56 Due to Liver Faliure

According to TMZ, The Smash Mouth singer died at 56 years of age due to liver failure. Batting with medical complications for years, Steve’s family is present there to say him ‘Goodbye’. 

According to sources, Steve is suffering the final stage of liver failure and is hospitalized in a critical condition. The liver failure was brought on by a lifelong struggle with alcohol abuse.

One of Steve’s representatives confirmed the tragic news to Fox News Digital. According to the source, Steve is resting at home and being cared for by his partner and hospice care.

The ‘Fun in the Sun’ singer is surrounded by his family and friends at this time. 

When Did Steve Harwell Retired?

Steve retired from music shows in 2021 after a problematic performance in New York. His representative confirmed the news to the New York Post saying, his mental and physical condition is not up to the mark.

He also added that Steve tried his best to recover but it became impossible for him to continue to perform at the stage that Steve loves to do the most.

Smash Mouth:

Smash Mouth is an American Rock band from San Jose, California, formed in 1994 by Steve Harwell, Kevin Coleman, Greg Camp, and Paul De Lisle.

The band gave popular hits in the late 90’s and early 2000s such as All-Star (1999), Why Can’t We Be Friends (1997), Walkin’ on the Sun (1997), Can’t Get  Enough Of You (1998) and many more.

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