Travis Kelce Finally Speaks About Taylor Swift on Podcast

Kansas City Chiefs footballer Travis Kelce spoke about his sensational weekend with musical sensation Taylor Swift. 

Travis and his elder brother Jason Kelce (Philadelphia Eagles) co-host a podcast titled “New Heights”. A clip from the podcast hit social media on Tuesday which created waves among “Swifties”. 

Jason started the conversation by showing respect for Travis’ privacy but he informed Travis that they should talk about the topic although it is a private topic. Travis replied with humor that his life was no more private. 

Jason asked Travis how he felt after Taylor Swift put Travis on the map and Travis started to laugh after hearing the question. The podcast will be released on Wednesday and we can find out exactly what Travis and Jason communicated.

Travis and Taylor’s relationship has been discussed since Taylor Swift was spotted in Arrowhead Stadium while Travis was playing for the Chiefs. Taylor was formerly an Eagle fan but she was seen wearing Cheifs’ red-white jersey. Travis’ mom Donna was also present with Taylor in the same stand.

Travis didn’t disappoint as he scored a touchdown leading to the Chiefs’ victory over the Chicago Bears by 41-10. Taylor was visibly excited and cheering and shouting for Travis. Travis, in return, showcased a stellar performance by leading the Chiefs with seven catches for 69 yards.

It was rumored that the duo exited the stadium together. Their camaraderie has become a subject of debate and fan’s speculations. 

Travis reached out to Taylor Swift during her ‘Eras’ tour in Kansas City, earlier in the summer. On his podcast, Travis attempted to share a friendship bracelet with her which included a phone number but didn’t succeed. But Travis was disappointed as Taylor didn’t meet anybody.

Very soon, the table was flipped. Taylor and Travis’ relationship has progressed significantly and now they are in a situation that can give birth to any rumor. 

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