50 Cent Hilariously Mocked Ja Rule on Instagram

50 Cent has publicly mocked his long-time rival Ja Rule over his latest performance on Instagram.

In his latest show, Ja Rule pretended to be Jesus Christ while tying himself to a wooden structure. 

On Thursday Morning, the G-Unit mogul shared a video on Instagram of the Murder Inc. hitmaker tying himself with a wooden structure while he performed the song ‘One of Us’.

The video clip was filmed at the 2023 BMI R&B/Hip Hop Awards in Miami on the 6th of September night. The clip shows Ja Rule surrounded by singers wearing white church robes and a projector screen depicts a sunset scene behind him.

“Look at this shithead, is he supposed to be Jesus”- 50 Cent responded. The rivalry between 50 Cent and Ja Rule is not something new.

The rivalry between 50 Cent and Ja Rule:

50 Cent’s and Ja Rules’ feud dates back to 1999 when Ja Rule was allegedly robbed by one of the 50 Cent’s associates. 

The rivalry picked pace when they both released diss tracks like “Wanksta” and “Loose Change”. Still today, 50 Cent enjoys taking shots at his fellow competitor.

Earlier this year, 50 Cent commented on Ja Rule’s performance calling it ‘Stupid’ on stage stunts as ammo, mocking him for being laid down on a stretcher at Nelly’s hot In Herre Festival in Toronto.

Despite the furious comments of 50 Cent, Ja Rule revealed in an interview that his relationship with 50 Cent is not as hostile as people believe. 

Ja Rule has yet to reply to 50 Cent’s comment but earlier in April, he shocked the fans by saying “We don’t have an issue. We don’t have a problem”.

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