Ed Sheeran to Play His New Song ‘Autumn Variation’ at London Royal Albert Hall gigs

British singer Ed Sheeran will perform his upcoming album ‘Autumn Variation’ in full at pairs of gigs at London’s Royal Albert Hall on Nov. 18-19.

Recently Ed Sheeran posted a poster for the event on Twitter on Friday morning, in which ‘The Last Days of Autumn’ was written with the dates of the events. 

ed sheeran royal albert hall show

About Autumn Variation: 

Autumn Variation is the upcoming album of Ed Sheeran that will be released on 29 September 2023 by Gingerbread Man Records. 

This will be Sheeran’s second project of the year since he released the ‘-’ (subtract) album, which is released in May. 

It is also Sheeran’s first non-collaborative studio album with a title having no mathematical symbol.

The Album consists of 14 tracks. The longest track of the Album is “Head > Heels” which is 4:13 min long. Aaron Dessner is the producer.

In a response to fan’s question, Ed informed that if fans had already pre-ordered the album from the official store, they’d be automatically eligible for the show pre-sale.

It is assumed that Royal Albert Hall’s show will be Ed Sheeran’s biggest UK show of this year, where the singer will be accompanied by a live band.

Ed Sheeran had a difficult time at the beginning of last year when he and his friends underwent many changes. Writing songs and expressing feelings helped him to stay calm and compose at that time.

In this album, Sheeran tells what he learned from the difficult situations of himself and his friends and how his friends thought about the situation from their perspective. 

The new album will be full of adventures from the highs of falling in love and new friendships to the low points of life such as heartbreak, depression, loneliness, and confusion.

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