Is it Worth Watching ‘The Nun II’? No Spoilers Alert

The Nun II received a mixed reaction when it first arrived in Rotten Tomatoes. The sequel of 2018’s horror movie ‘The Nun’, took almost 4 years to land in Hollywood, following Sister Irene (Taissa Farmiga) again facing the dreadful demon nun The Valak (Bonnie Aarons).

The arrival of Valak in ‘The Conjuring 2’ was a spine-tingling experience for the Conjuring fans. The paradoxical presence of the demon sister wearing nun’s clothes, and having horrifying sunken black eyes was an exciting creation of James Wan which gave him success in the Conjuring 2.

But Corin Hardy’s ‘The Nun’ released in 2018 proved a huge disappointment for the Conjuring fans. Now its sequel directed by Michael Chaves seems to have a similar fate in the theaters.

The storyline of The Nun II:

The Nun II follows Sister Irene for five years after the first film’s conclusion. When she becomes friends with Debra (Strom Reid), a newbie nun in a crisis of faith, they are about to perform a test as the Vatican demands Sister Irene perform another miracle.

the nun II Taissa Farmiga

Valak was not finished but reigning terrors all over the religious figures across Europe. Priests were victims of the demonic energy of immolation and hanging, Irene and Debra went to the boarding school to find out the real motives of Valak and sent him again to ‘Hell’ permanently.

As expected Valak is the center of attraction of the film. ‘The Nun II’ performs accidental exposure therapy, showing their monster energy at each and every moment. Bonnie Aaron or Valak is highlighted in the film at every turn, from traditional shots to CGI, which occurs with very close frequency.

The Movie neglects creativity in bringing effective fear. Chaves vehemently used the scary look of Valak to scare the audience at regular intervals. It is more like a collection of short stories and jump scares instead of a movie with good narrative skills.

Taissa Farmiga is probably the only best part of the movie. Her role was different than the first movie. Although she encounters threats and traumatic memories at every turn, still she is brave in this movie and knows her real power. In the 2018 movie ‘The Nun’, Farmiga is shown as a timid young nun, who now is taking responsibility for ‘The Nun II’.

The role of Strom Reid is more like a supporting actor. Instead of giving her equal power as Farmiga, she was given the role of assisting her in the movie. The chemistry with Sister Irene was good in the movie but it was mostly carried out by Taissa Farmiga. In simple words, Taissa tried to illuminate the film by herself without wiring support to her.

There are not many surprising elements in ‘The Nun II’. The movie tries to flood its runtime by trying short-term tricks to scare people instead of building a proper scary storyline. The performance of the stars of the film is very much betrayed by the poor script.

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