Why Did GB News Suspended Lawrence Fox and Dan Wootton?

Laurence Fox was suspended by GB News while the English broadcaster investigated comments he made about a female journalist. The company has formed an investigation team to look into the “totally unacceptable” comments he made on Dan Wootton’s program.

Fox has made a series of remarks about Ava Evans, a political correspondent for news website JOE, which includes Laurence’s comment about her which he made in an episode of Dan Wootton Tonight on Tuesday. 

Laurence described Ava as a “Little Woman” in the show which was very embarrassing for Ava. Ms. Evans shared the clip on Twitter or X and stated that Laurence Fox made a whole speech on GB News on her. She also revealed that she felt disrespected by the comment. Her tweet immediately went viral and approximately 2 million people have watched that tweet.

Ava further added follow-up tweets and claimed that after the comment she was feeling “Physically Sick”.

The discussion started when Ava Evans appeared on BBC’s Politics Live on Monday. 

GB News shared a statement on Twitter/X describing those comments as “totally unacceptable”. They also added what Laurence said was completely against their values and they apologize for those comments and offences that were done.

The host of the show Dan Wootton also apologized to Ms Evans and said he takes responsibility for what happened in his show. However, GB News also suspended Dan Wootton for the comments were made in his show.

A spokesperson of Ofcom revealed that they have received many complaints about the incident and are investigating it. They will publish the outcome as soon as possible and will be apologizing to the individual involved.

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