Does Harry Maguire Get More Hatred Than He Deserve? How Bad is Harry Maguire Actually?

Trolls against Harry Maguire take an inclined form after Maguire scored an own goal against Scotland. Although England won the match by 3-1 as Phil Foden (32’), Jude Bellingham (35’) and Harry Kane (81’) scored goals for England. Whereas another English defender Harry Maguire scored an own goal for Scotland.

After scoring an own goal, Harry is getting trolled on social media brutally, not only by fans but also by many high-profile celebrities. 

The English boss Gareth Southgate backed his player and showed sympathy to him by saying, the treatment Harry receives is beyond anything that he has ever seen. Southgate termed the treatment from fans as ‘ridiculous’. 

Under Southgate, Harry is one of the first-choice center-backs for England despite his poor performance in his club Manchester United. 

However, against Scotland, Harry didn’t start but came as a second-half substitute, and 21 minutes after his arrival, he scored an own goal for Scotland.

In his press conference, Southgate praised Maguire and said that Harry doesn’t deserve such criticism as he is a complete stalwart for England. Maguire is one of the key parts of the ‘second most successful team for decades’, according to the manager.

Harry Maguire is not having a good time in his career. First, he lost his place in Manchester United’s first team after the arrival of Lisandro Martinez. Second, he was stripped of the club’s captaincy, 

His move to West Ham failed which means he has to warm the Manchester United’s bench for another season unless any defender gets injured. In the summer vacation, Harry moved to Portugal and focused on his defending abilities but sadly, things didn’t change.

You might be surprised to know that the 30-year-old English defender received a serious bomb threat in 2022. The police searched his house for the bomb device.

harry maguire troll

Why does Harry Maguire get so much hate?

Harry Maguire simply gets an enormous amount of hatred from fans because of his poor performance and own goals. When Harry was playing in Leicester City (2017-19), he was proved as one of the top talents in England. But after arriving at Manchester United for a whopping £70 million, which was a record for a defender his performance was declined.

Harry is a tall, physically strong defender who loves to defend from the back. But in a high-line defense, he often struggles to track back and defend against faster wingers. He often scores his own goal due to his lack of movement inside his own box. If a defender who costs £70 million habituates to make such big mistakes, fans won’t take it lightly.

The decision-making of Harry Maguire is also questionable. One of the prime examples of this is the Manchester United and Sevilla Europa Cup semi-final match (second leg). During the first goal, Harry asked for the ball from David De Gea when Maguire was pressed by three Sevilla players. When Maguire received the ball, Sevilla players pressed him and snatched the ball which resulted in a goal for Sevilla.

Despite his average performance in Manchester United, West Ham, and a few Serie-A clubs showed interest in the summer window. Probably, Harry could get more game time and a favorable setup to improve his game but unfortunately, nothing happens in favor of Harry.

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