Throwback When Scarlett Johnson Dated Jared Leto: Facts You May Not Know

Celebrity couples are always the talk of the town. They are always in the news not because of industrial affairs but because fans around the world show very ripe interest in their private affairs. Fans love to speculate or exaggerate every little thing they do or say together. 

Former Black Widow, Scarlett Johnson and her ex-partner 51-year-old American actor and musician Jared Leto understand the trick very well. 

It often happens that the star couples end in a wrong relationship which creates lots of stories, rumors, and gossip in the media. 

Sometimes the stories went viral and ended up in legal cases which drew numerous attention of the fans- even those fans who didn’t know them showed interest in the case, similar to Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. 

Also, there are some cases that are quietly resolved, similar to Scarlett and Jared Leto.

scarlett johnson and jared leto

In an interview with Cosmopolitan(2016), Scarlett said unanimously, long ago in her life there was someone in her life who was ‘forever’ and ‘attractively unavailable’. It is no secret that fans speculated that the unavailable person is none other than her ex-partner Jared Leto. 

She accepted that at that time, she was not on herself. She went to the breaking point, the rock-bottom moment of her life. She admitted at that time she decided to cut the relationship off, otherwise, it’ll come back and suck her blood.

Do You Know Scarlett Johnson Dated Jared Leto Twice?

The actress is often in the news for her relationship with co-actors like Ryan Reynolds. However, Scarlett loves to keep her privacy secret but the rumors often spread lightning fast.

Scarlett and Jared started to date briefly back in 2004 but the relationship received a huge setback. In 2012, the couple was seen again holding hands. The 38-year-old actress never spoke about the relationship with Jared Leto directly on camera. 

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